Going where many have dared, but few succeed!

I’m now entering another dimension.

One that is very new to me, 3 weeks old, as a matter of fact. I’ve now arrived to “The Blogosphere.” A place online where millions of internet maniacs scream to be heard. They howl with their headlines and content, fighting each other to get the few seconds of the internet surfers’ attention. Many have dared to take on this adventure, but not all succeed. Why is that?

In my quest for what makes some of the most effective copywriting skills, I found it all begins with building your own personal collection of success. Great Copywriters build a collection of sales letters, winning ads, awesome headlines and things that have proven successful within the marketplace. It provides a solid structure to begin the process and can be developed as you grow as a copywriter.

So I began my research. I scanned through the many titles on the Copybloggers site, looking for the one that most caught my eye. I came across “Trading Words For Traffic.”  I felt like “trading words” seemed clever so I began to read. With so much chatter on the internet, what makes your blog stand out? I learned that a good headline is one of the first ways that you get noticed.

Catchy headlines are essential to getting attention and the most important copywriting skill.

All of your headlines, subheads and bullets should:

  1. Deliver USEFUL information.
  2. Provide a sense of URGENCY.
  3. Give SPECIAL & CLEVER ideas.
  4. Be SPECIFIC & DIRECT in your thoughts.

Once the reader’s interest has been raised enough to read your blog there are direct-response marketing techniques that will help you keep their interest. These techniques will show a rate of response. Then you can better estimate how successful your blog has been in reaching the reader.

Storytelling: Everyone likes to hear a good story, paint a picture for the reader so they are more likely to continue reading. In your blog want to have your first sentence read so the rest of your story can be told. Keep it simple. Good copy is written in concise, clear, simple words that get your point across. Connecting with people is the key in building relationships whether you selling something or driving traffic to the blog. So make it conversational. Use psychological blog triggers that help you connect with people at a emotional root level that evokes action.

Involve the Reader: Your blog must appear to have the missing key to a lost door that will benefit the reader for staying with you. Trusting you to give the most clear, to the point information on your subject. Links and factual information must be present in order for the reader to stay with you through the journey of your blog. Make promise of delivering a solution to the issue within your blog.

Your reader has a problem and you have the solution.

If selling a product to a potential reader focus on the true benefits.

  • First, make a list of every feature of your product or service.
  • Second, ask why each feature is included on this list.
  • Third, how do these feature meet the customers needs/desires?
  • Fourth, what is the drive for the customer at an emotional level to connect?

Know your audience! Make a offer they can’t refuse. 

So many web merchants think that their visitors will understand the value of their service. Buyers view value through the offers provided. Your copywriting offers must be clear and understood quickly, since time is not on your side with web surfers.

Back It Up:  When making statements throughout your blog be “ultra-specific” in your declarations. Always back it up and give your reasons why. If you make blanket statements without proper backing the reader can smell the BS and will move onto the next thing. Use expert references, statistics, quotes and testimonials to display your credibility. When selling a product “Satisfaction guaranteed” or long return policies are very helpful in people taking a chance on your product. Which in turn increase your internet business.

Wrap It Up: Bring your blog full circle back to where you began. Restating all the points to make it concrete in the mind of your reader. Show them how you have presented a question and given the answers. Show them why they have to have the product that you are introducing.

In the land of the blogosphere there are many techniques that can help you on your way. After all look at me, this is my first blog and so far I feel its coming together quite nicely. There is a whole internet full of great ideas and inspiration to take your ideas to the next level. Start with building a simple collection of success to get you motivated.


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